Warehouse Low Relief 7mm

    0 Gauge 7mm Scale Warehouse Low Relief  Scratch Aid Kits

    These nice simple scratch Aid kit allows you to build up a nice three story Low Relief Warehouse Style building ..

    Length 24cm x Width  8cm Height 29cm

    Each kit has all the parts need to make a complete shell of a low relief building.
    Including laser cut doors, windows, lintels & glazing

    Made from Quality Card, MDF & Laserboard

    Supplied as a kit with basic assembly instructions available via website, As these are scratch aid kits, we leave it up to you how you finish them or Alter them for your own needs...

    These Kits gives you a fantastic base for adding your own style & textures. As you can apply your own textures, these can be personalized to suit your needs & you will have a very personal model that's is all your own!

    Postage. Due to size of parts, I have to use Royal Mail Parcels Service. 

    More Kits are being added all the time

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    Warehouse Low Relief 7mm

    • £12.00

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