DMU Gangway

DMU Coach Gangway Connector Bellow 4mm / 00 Gauge

Class 101,104,105,108,110

Suitable for Bachmann & Hornby DMUs
(Including Hornby's older types before they were renamed Railroad)

Fill that horrible gap between your coaches with these Gangway Connectors. 
These Connectors fit between your coaches & flex with the movement of the train. 

(Picture shows Our L.N.E.R Gangways)

You will receive either 1 pack of 12 Connectors, 12 Blanking Plates & Instructions
or 1 pack of  6 Connectors, 6 Blanking Plates & Instructions, depending on product selected above.
These are made from top quality black paper & are machine made so every one is identical.  
(You will use 1 of these Connectors if your coaches close couple or if they don't close couple you will use 2)  

These are not a replacement for your couplings, so you will have to retain them. 
They rub against each other & fold with the movement of the train

These are NOT suitable for sharp radius curves or tight setrack points 

Please study the picture as it forms part of the description 
We have left it upto you how you fix these to your coaches, We use Blu Tack but you can use supper Glue, PVA Glue or double-sided tape. We do not take any responsibility for any damage caused due to your fixing method   
(Coaches in the pictures are not included) 
Different Types & Gauges of Connectors Available

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DMU Coach Gangway Connector Bellow 4mm / 00 Gauge

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